Open a TESOL Training International Branch in Your City

This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to work from home or travel while operating a rewarding and profitable business. The average income for our online TESOL business licensees is USD $120,000 per year although the China Licenses are expected to double this forecast.

The Business Opportunity
Our strategy is to expand with multiple language schools that would like to offer teacher training in order to capture a larger share of people that would like to teach in the international market.

TESOL Training International offers a comprehensive turnkey business package, which includes all the tools necessary to begin offering courses profitably in 6 months or less.

TESOL Training International is a worldwide organization offering TESOL (TEFL, TESL, & ESL) related training services to people interested in becoming certified to teach English internationally. If you are interested in this opportunity with TESOL Training International (ie. becoming Licensed and trained to offer the “TURNKEY” TESOL Training International System of Programs in your educational institution, city or country) and TESOL Training International Business Development Manager will promptly respond to your inquiry.

Expected Income
This comprehensive TESOL business package offers an incredible opportunity to the right candidate with an expected ROI in just 2 months. Expected average income is approx. USD $120,000-$200,000 for the first year.

Running Costs & Ongoing Investment
Monthly operating and running costs, including advertising & marketing, is about $300.00 for basic adverting and $600.00 to $800.00 for the teach before personal profit. A higher income is achievable, which is directly proportional to your marketing budget.

Payments & License Fees
If you decide to proceed and meet with our Marketing Director, you will need to prove that you have sufficient funds to invest in the branch. The TESOL license fees are USD$500.00 per month. Apart from the license fee, you will also need to invest USD$200.00 to $600.00 per month in advertising & marketing for the first 1 to 3 months plus your normal living expenses. If your follow our instructions, your business will be self sufficient and profitable within this time period. License fees must be paid in full.

Why Invest In This Opportunity?
The biggest challenge for any new business is finding enough customers to buy your product or service. Increasing competition and economic conditions are a constant threat to any business. We are offering everything we know about this business and giving them to you.

The quality of our TESOL courses is second to none and we have a 97% satisfaction record from our course graduates. It is however a big mistake to believe that if you have a good product or service, the world will beat a path to your door.

We are now looking for motivated individuals who strive for quality and excellence and are committed to investing in their future with our full support and guidance. No experience in the Education field is required however the successful licensee will be required to complete our application process:

How To Apply For a TESOL License:
Please send an email to:

We will then contact you to arrange a phone call.  You will receive a copy of our business plan, account statement and franchise agreement.  You will be asked to attend a personal interview with our Director in San Diego or this can be arranged online via Skype.
The successful candidate/partnership or company will be awarded the TESOL license.
Notice: The information on this page is private & confidential and cannot be copied, duplicated, edited or used in any way without our written permission.