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Online TESOL Program

The Foundation TESOL Teacher Certification Course is equivalent in academic content and quality, whether studied in-class or by distance education.

120 Hour TESOL Course Online 
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Price $295.00

Industry specialists have designed our unique foundation course and is reevaluated each year to match changes in the market. It is the first mandatory part of the various TESOL programs offered by TESOL Training International.

*Please note that students of in-class, online, and correspondence delivery will receive their program certificate or diploma only upon submission and by passing the Foundation Final Exam. They will also have to successfully complete their first specialization.

Program and Course Time Limit Procedures and Policies:

Individual courses (not part of a program) = 6 month time limit

Program 1 (foundation + 1 specialization) = 1 year

Program 2 (foundation + 3 specializations) = 2 year

Program 3 (foundation + 9 specializations) = 4 year


A one-time extension of 6 months from the deadline can be granted to students signed up for individual courses or Program 1 or Program 2.

A one-time extension of 1 year can be granted to students enrolled in Program 3.

All requests for deadline must be received in writing or by email no more than three months and at least two weeks before the deadline. Any requests received before the three-month or after the two week cut-off may be considered on a case-by-case basis. All requests will receive a letter or email confirming or rejecting their request written and sent by the Academic Department on letterhead. Any extension requests received two business days after the deadline will automatically be rejected by the Academic Department. No exceptions.

Foundation course contents:

The TESOL Training International Foundation course is your practical, user-friendly yet comprehensive introduction to the exciting world of teaching English. Our Foundation course includes:

  • 700-page textbook
  • 300+ page workbook
  • 200+ page Global Employment Handbook
  • Lifetime career support

Teach English:

  • How to Confidently Teach English in Any Situation, Abroad or Locally
  • 40 Communication-Based TESOL Approaches and Methods
  • Pronunciation, Conversation & Communication
  • Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Lesson Planning and Teacher Preparation
  • Phonology and Linguistics
  • Grammar Review and Student Evaluations
  • Communicative Approach
  • Activity-Based Learning
  • Promoting Dynamic Student/Teacher Interaction
  • Pedagogy – The Art and Science of Teaching
  • Teacher and Student Role Reversal
  • Video Training and Analysis
  • Music, Song and Media for language Acquisition
  • Internet in the Classroom
  • Teaching Philosophy
  • English for Specific Purposes

Employment Related:

  • Finding the Best English Teaching Job Overseas
  • Employment Contacts and Connections
  • Obtaining Tutoring Contracts in Addition to Your Regular TESOL Employment
  • Hot Tips on How to Make the Most Money Possible with TESOL
  • How to Avoid Common Contract Pitfalls
  • Overseas Teaching/Work/Travel Information and Tips
  • Culture Shock ? Leave Prepared
  • Teaching and Tutoring English Locally
  • Travel Safe and Secure Abroad Supplement

Online & Correspondence Foundation Assignments

Assignment 1: Introduction Teaching Internationally

Assignment 2: TESOL Teaching Approaches, Methods & Techniques

Assignment 3: Lesson Planning and Curriculum Development

Assignment 4: Presenting and Teaching Vocabulary

Assignment 5: The Listening Comprehension Skill

Assignment 6: Using Music in the Language Classroom

Assignment 7: Linguistics and Pronunciation

Assignment 8: Using Video for Language Learning

Assignment 9: The Reading Comprehension Skill

Assignment 10: The Writing Skill

Assignment 11: Teaching English Grammar

Assignment 12: Communication

Assignment 13: ESL/EFL Student Assessment

Final Examination + 6-hour Teaching Practicum

Our in-house tutors mark our Distance Education Students’ assignments. Your work will be returned to you with your certificates upon successful completion of your course. Distance Study students all have access to live tutors who will be able to provide clarification while completing your courses. Contact us by e-mail or phone to be connected with a tutor!