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What are the Requirements for EPIK

To teach English in South Korea through the EPIK program, you will need a Bachelor’s degree or above from an accredited college or university, a clean criminal background check, and to meet all visa requirements for an E-2 or F-4 visa. 

EPIK Requirements

  • BA Degree or above (from an accredited college or University)
  • Native English speaker with citizenship from either Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, or Ireland) 
  • Clean Criminal Background Check (CRC)
  • Meet all visa requirements for an E-2 or F-4 visa
  • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate, BA or MA in Education, or a teaching license. Teachers with 20+ hours of in-person practicum are preferred
  • NOTE: Applicants with interest in teaching English in Busan must have 50+ hours of in-person practicum hours with his/her TEFL course
  • With competitive salaries and great benefits like healthcare, paid vacation, flight reimbursement, and provided housing, the EPIK program offers some of the best teaching positions in the country.

Before deciding if the EPIK Program is the right fit for you, make sure you meet all the requirements to apply. 

The application process can be a bit extensive, so make sure to check out what is required for the EPIK application, Also, EPIK teachers begin their teaching assignments in Korea in either September or March. Applications must be submitted between Feb-July for the September start date and between Aug-Jan for the March start date.

1Applicants submit an application directly to INX Academy dab TESOL Training International.    Feb – Jul.    Aug – Jan.
2Applicants who have passed the initial application screening stage will be invited to online interview with EPIK.   Apr – Jul   Oct – Jan
3Applicants who successfully pass the interview will need to prepare and submit their required documents directly to EPIK or to their associated partner organization for screening and review.   Apr – Jul   Oct – Jan
4Applicants who submit all required documents correctly will have their application recommended to either a metropolitan or provincial office of education. The offices of education will review the application and make a final decision on a submitted application.   Apr – Jul   Oct – Jan
5Applicants who have been selected by an office of education will receive documents necessary for applying for their necessary visa.   Jun – Jul   Dec – Jan
6Applicants will apply and obtain the necessary visa for teaching in Korea at their local Korean embassy or consulate.   Jul – Aug   Jan – Feb
7Applicants will arrange a flight into Korea.   Jul – Aug   Jan – Feb
Applicants will be picked-up at the airport and led to orientation.   Late Aug   Late Feb
8Applicants will attend a mandatory EPIK orientation.   Late Aug   Late Feb
9Applicants who complete orientation will begin their contracts.    Late Aug    Late Feb

*This is a general reference and expected dates and details are subject to change.

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